Trainings in clinical operations



To ensure utmost quality of our services, we created an international Training Department to conduct educational courses for our team.

As the number of our clients increased, some of them started to request trainings and workshops for their clinical departments. We were always highly dedicated to improving the professional level of people involved in clinical trials, so we gladly shared our experience. Eventually our training courses became more and more popular. By 2014 demand for our trainings was so strong that we started to offer them as a stand-alone service. We created our main course programs with focus on real-life issues and based on Atlant’s robust experience in clinical operations.

In our trainings we always emphasize best practices, current regulatory environment and the latest trends. We cover common mistakes and provide solutions to effectively avoid them.

Why are our trainings useful?

  • Instructors – Our lecturers are real experts having been working in clinical studies for years.
  • Professional background – We have deep expertise in clinical trials and relevant support services. Being a strong multinational CRO with a track record of over 150 clinical trials (Phases I-IV) we know exactly what is important to our attendees.
  • Courses’ framework – We use a perfect combination of theoretical basis and real-life cases during our trainings.

More information about Atlant Clinical trainings you can find on our website: