Key facts


200+ projects completed

We are proud of our solid track-record of over 200 successfully-completed and more than 60 on-going projects: specifics of emerging markets allow us to gain broad exposure across multiple therapeutic areas.


40+ countries covered

We are an international CRO with a strong footprint in Europe, as well as presence in the US. With robust experience in Central and Eastern Europe, we are capable to offer our clients fast patient recruitment in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and many other countries.


5% staff turnover

We hire, train and retain some of the best people on the market. Approximately 90% of our employees have scientific background, 30% are M.Ds, and 10% have Ph.Ds. Our effective human development and retention strategies allow for low staff turnover – 5% in 2016.


95% Repeat business rate

We tailor our services to meet the most demanding expectations this is the reason of why Atlant Clinical has become a preferred provider of leading international (GSK, Merck) and regional companies. No change orders initiated by Atlant Clinical is the second reason of high repeat business rate: we always stick on the original budgets and keep our promises.


150 employees globally

We are a team of over 150 professionals worldwide, with extensive experience in conducting clinical trials of Phases I–IV in over 15 therapeutic areas.


60+ clients globally

Our clients range from some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies to new and growing biotech firms. And they’re located in over 15 countries worldwide.